Tuesday, 6 May 2008

The magic of 'Let Go'

Our son is now exactly 12-hours old. He was born on the 6th of May 2008 at 11:55AM.
What an amazing day! My wife Miriam did a superb job. The midwives and the staff at the Gozo Maternity Unit are not just experts but are professional, caring and so supportive in such moments.
I am still rather speechless with the happiness and joy of the birth of our new-born.
Weight: 4.105kg and Length: 53cm and normal delivery. I took the advice of many of you. Just be there and support. I felt uncontrollable...can't change or do anything while Miriam was doing all her best to 'let go' of our child from her womb after 9 months in comfort. Nature thought me major lesson in life : "Let go"

This is what I truly learned this day and I'm obliged to my son for his first lesson!

Admitting the obvious truth - that you are not responsible to affect a change or correct a problem which is beyond your competency, power, authority or responsibility.

Releasing over-responsibility - giving permission to yourself to be free from an overresponsible sense of obligation, duty, or requirement to make everything "perfect'' in your life and the life of others.

No perfectionism - Allowing yourself to rid yourself of the perfectionistic need to control every aspect of your life so that nothing goes ``wrong'' in it.

Getting rational about what you can and cannot do - becoming realistic about what is and is not your obligation or duty to correct, change, or control.

Confessing faith in God- Openly declare that God, your "Higher Power" is stronger and a great source of power to whom you can hand over these things out of your control.

Accepting your powerlessness - over things and handing these things over to your Higher Power.

Handing it over to God - which is no longer taking direct action to effect a change but handing the situation over to the goodness and mercy of your Higher Power in hope that the solution will rest in the Higher Power's authority and wisdom.

Declaring God is in Charge - admitting that you can only do so much and after that it is up to your Higher Power to take over.

Thank you all very very very much for your calls and SMSes during the day.
Thank you to families, relatives and friends who visited us at the Gozo Hospital.

Cheers from
Victor, Miriam and son (still have to think of the name!)


Parent Leader -Malta said...

Xi hlew ta' tarbija! Alla jberek!Il-Bambin issadaq lit-tifel taghkom.
Awguri mill-qalb Miriam u Victor.

Rita Farrugia said...

God Bless your new born baby boy. Miriam what a wounderfull job you did. I am sure you are both going to be wounderfull parents also. May God be with you in this new career as parents.

Marija-Helga said...

Oooo x'inhu heluuuuu!!! Qas naf lil min jixbah imma tghid li huwa taghkom. Prosit Vic u Miriam. From Marija-Helga and David. Kemm fadal biex ikollna wiehed ahna ukoll!!! :-) Ghalissa qed ingawdu tal-qraba u l-hbieb!!! :-)

Marvic said...

M'hemmx kliem bizzejjed biex wiehed jiddiskrivi s-sbuhija ta' dan ir-rigal moghti lilkom, Victor u Miriam! Verament ghandkom biex tkunu kburin b'din it-tarbija! God Bless you all minn qalbi!

Pauline said...

Victor u Miriam,

Awguri mill qalb Alla jbierek ghandkom gmiel ta' tarbija, gawdu kull gurnata mieghu ghaliex iz-zmien itir. Prosit Miriam u vic vera jixraqlek f'idejk. Il- Bambin iseddaq lit-tifel u lilkom ukoll

Pauline, Paul u l-familja

Veronica Farrugia said...

Victor ghadni kif hadt l-ahbar li wasal il-baby. Nifirhilkom hafna ghal dan ir-rigal sabih li ghadu kif bghatilkom Alla. Gawduh kemm tistghu ghax malajr jikber! Min jaf kemm intom ferhanin. Proset lil mara.

God bless


Claire said...

Dear Victor and Miriam

I saw the beautiful pictures of your gorgeous son – veru tifel gustuz u tal-bews. Victor make sure that Miriam rests and take care of her – she deserves all the best – as you all do. Prosit ghal mitt darba


Fr. Emmanuel said...

The parents and the boy look great.

Wish the best for all of you.

Dun Manwel

Jorg said...

Dear Miriam and Victor
I am very happy to hear that you both managed to get a sweet baby boy.
All the best,
Hope to see the baby one day?


Peter Llewellyn said...

Dear Victor and Miriam

Many congratulations. Welcome to the parenthood club. Membership has no time



Oisin Jones-Dillon said...


Expressing it better than I ever have, this is from an altogether higher plane.

I'll quote you if I may.


Anton Scicluna said...

To Victor, Miriam
So happy for you both.
For Miriam - her concerns and labours are over
For you - your expectations and nervousness are past
For you both - both happy parents
For the young baby boy - a future defender of the Gozo environment.

Vic, Lesti biex tahselil-hrieqi!!!

Chris Mizzi said...

Congratulations Victor u ovvjament Miriam


Charles said...

CONGRATULATIONS on the arrival of the baby Boy.

Charles and Lucy

Josephine Caruana said...

after 13 years.

Your sister Guza

Carol Debono said...

Dear Victor and Miriam CONGRATULATIONS for the lovely baby he is so cute and cuddly. Enjoy every second together as time flies and these special moments will only be memories. Well done Miriam and Vic I love the pic of 'proud' you holding your son I am sure Miriam and yourself will both be excellent parents. Take care of each other! God bless you all :)

Josephine and Lino said...

Dearest Victor, Miriam and nephew,

It was nice seeing the photos on the website. Hope all is well with Miriam and the baby. Hugs and kisses to the little one.

Sending you all our love

Josephine, Lino, Matthew and Lisa

Lucy Pace Gouder said...

Congratulations on the new addition to your family :). He is adorable!

and thanks for sharing your thoughts and lessons learnt. They are very true for many situations :)

Miriam and Tony Sammut said...

Dear Miriam and Victor,

Ten fingers, Ten toes
He's laughter and teardrops
So small and brand new
And amazingly angelic
He's sent to bless you
He's one special Baby
The best of life's treasure
And will grant and bless you with
Many hours of great pleasure.

Congratulations on the arrival of your baby boy from both of us.

Miriam and Tony Sammut

Natalie said...

Ghadni kif wasalt minn Franza u sibt n-notifika tal-wasla tat-tifel taghkom. Xi sbuhija u gmiel ta' tifel! Merhba ghaziz! Nawguralkom minn qalbi Miriam u Victor!


Alfred B. said...

Congraltulations Victor.
ghati l-awguri u x-xewqat sbieh lis-sinjura wkoll.
Tislijiet Papa.

Dick & Jenny said...

Dear Miriam and Victor,
Just picked up the wonderful news. Congratulations and well done - great news. See you when I am out for a short visit from 28 th May to 10th June.
Take care,
Kindest regards,
Dick and Jenny

Cynthia Amato said...

I have tears in my eyes.
Give my love to Miriam and to the baby.

Luisa Mizzi said...

Hi Victor it was nice to see the photo of your baby. He truly is cute, and I have to say does look like you. Sometimes with babies, it is hard to tell, but there is no mistaking here who he looks like.
Congratulations again.

Whenever Miriam needs some advice on anything, and also breastfeeding
she can call me anytime.

see you soon,
Luisa Mizzi

Miriam Galea said...

Hi! I am back.
Lighter and happier.
Breastfeeding - what a pleasure, bonding with my child!
Such a new face - hard to believe he was the one inside me and carried everywhere by me.

I was crying while I read the deepest thoughts written by Victor and shared with you late at night after he left hospital to go and get some sleep at home. Victor was so caring and was so there with me during this pregnancy especially at hospital.

As for you who have written all those comments, you have just given me the most beautiful present you could have given me: your sincere thoughts, poems, advices and congratulations - all helps. THANKS VERY VERY MUCH!

I would also like to comment on the staff at Gozo General Hospital. All staff who happened to be there were most helpful, honest, kind and professional. During delivery they really worked as a team and I admired their synchronization to bring this new being into the world. So encouraging, so so helpful and professional (Of course my admiration came after the delivery not then!). I also thank all visitors and those who sent SMSes by mobile. Thanks.

Well I have to go back to baby's nursery because I have to replace Victor who after the feed will always put baby to sleep which is not always easy.

See you later on!


Nora said...

Dearest Miriam and Victor,
We are so happy for you both! Your son looks absolutely fabulous and ready for his life adventure. Hope you feel well Miriam. The photos on

Victor's blog were a good idea fo those of us who cannot up and go and come see you all.

Peace for a lifetime challenge of parenthood,

Louisa said...

God bless you all. Most profound thoughts...Thanks for sharing them. The birth of your son has brought you already such blessings with these insights...The photos are lovely. With much love

Marthese C said...

Congrats to both of you
What a beautiful gift for Mother's day Mir
Hope tosee the three of you soon
God Bless and take care
Marthese and Frank

Irene said...

Dear Miriam and Victor,your baby son has taught you the first lesson of "let go" and he also succeeded in giving a 67 year old lady a lesson of "let go".I am sending my first comment to you from my lap top.God bless you both and your little angel of a son. Love and regards from all of us.

Lino said...

Dear Victor and his wife,
I'm so happy for you guys I think Galea Family did it again a boy to carry the Peppija's name.Both of you are going to experience a new life and I hope the newborn came with such instructions, because it is not easy. Best of luck to both of you.
Your brother Lino
PS give lots of kisses to the baby and off course the mother for a great job.XXXXXXX

Stephen and family said...

Congratulations Vic and Miriam. What a beautiful child!!

best wishes from

Stephen, Dorianne, Marta and Klara

Anonymous said...

Hey Victor and Mariam,
Hope all has been good and its great to hear the good news. We have seen the pic's and video's which are fantastic and where do you find the time. We are so happy for you all, our love from Australia to Malta.

From Frank, Carmen, Paul and Eddie

Michael Briguglio said...

Awguri Victor u Miriam!

Hija haga vera sabiha li ssir genitur.. Ma tistax tispjegaha bil-kliem!

Maria u jien qed ingawdu mill-istess esperjenza permezz tat-tifel taghna David, li twieled fit-30 ta' Marzu!

Angela Galea said...

Dear Miriam and Victor
Congratulations on the birth of your son Savio . Hope baby and Mum are doing well. Bye see you.

Angela Galea

Diane and Martin said...

Hi parents and beautiful Savio,

What a gorgeous baby boy you have. It was lovely to see you both and Savio.
All good wishes,

Love Diane and Martin xx

Eleonora said...

hi miriam

this is Eleonora, I work with you at mosta e.b vella

could not believe my eyes at last i found a way to congratulate you.

may god bless you all especially little prince Savio. he's so sweet god bless him.

i'm so happy for you.
can't wait to see you

take care of yourself and your family

lots of love and best wishes from eleonora
x x x

Joe & Tessie said...

CONGRATULATIONS! you both look so well and happy with your new bundle of joy. We are looking forward to seeing you agian and meeting the newest addition to your family. hope everything is going well and good luck in the future.
Uncle Joe & Tessy =)