Tuesday, 3 June 2008

Adagio for Strings & Organ - Albinoni

Today I received via e-mail the music score of Adagio for Strings & Organ by Tomaso Albinoni. The music score is transcribed for Violin and Piano (Organ). What a surprise to read the music score for the first time!

This music has a lot of meaning for myself.

It intrigues a lot of emotions in me.

I remember listening to this music when I was little. It was so emotional that I remember that I used to raise the volume so that I could hear the radio from upstersr and cry on my own while listening to it. The emotions it intrigues then were those of serenity and sadness at the same time.

My mother once asked me why I like to listen to this Classical Masterpiece. I remember that I told her exactly these words: "This music piece makes me so sad that if you die I would want to play it on the Church organ for you". Mother died few months later when I was seventeen. But never played it during the funeral. I was banned to play the parish church organ. It was in possession of one priest and only. (Still is I think).

Every time I listen to it (now I have it on CD as part of The Classical Collection), many memories come back....

The emotion it triggers now is an emotion of separateness... being separate from relatives, good friends, people who meant a lot for me in life but now departed, aspirations....

And now I have the music score which gladly am practicing.

Please find a moment to listen to this masterpiece by clicking on the video below:

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Pauline said...

While listening to this piece of music which I heard it quite some time ago reminded me of a very dear person who passed away 20 years ago,who loved listening to this piece but I never I never knew the name of the piece or by whom it was written, Thanks Victor