Saturday, 1 August 2009

Morning has broken

Early this morning, besides my usual cup of coffee, I took my camera with me in our garden just before leaving for work. The scenery was superb with all the mist in the valley between our house and Ta' Pinu Sanctuary and eventually the early sunrise from over Zebbug.

The summer flowers from our garden were also lovely but with my cheap camera the focus was not at all incredibly good, but left a good impression on me anyway.

I shot these photos which I would like to share with you.




Anonymous said...

morning has not broken any chains holding the Dwejra project alive!!!!!!!!
continue the destruction on 'Ecological Gozo' It is the tourists who will leave the island Spupid. Then will MEPA employ all Gozitans?

Anonymous said...

GRTU is feeling sorry for some of the afiliates.  How about feeling sorry for the public affected by the sheer ignoring of the ones who need protection such as the neighbours who day in and day our suffer form dust, pollution, noice, environmental destruction, damage to their property,etc.  Are the neighblours making any money out of the developments?  Are the builders/deveopers the only ones who have a right to make money or survive.  Can developers infringe upon others without any accountability?  Is it only builders/developers who worry?  Do neighbours worry too that the neighbours themselves have to take civil action to care for their property while the others can remain passive in in the face of adversity.  Does morning break for GRTU?

Anonymous said...

Anonymous, the question of Dwejra is a futile effort. I will not protest even if MEPA gives a permit to build on top of the Azure Window. Futility.

Anonymous said...

Protests alone will not get the polluters to stop. They laugh at peaceful demonstrations as it only buys them more time to continue their arrogance. I suggest that the garbage and refuse from their construction sites will be dumped behind their residence as quickly as they dump it elsewhere. It is the only thing that works. An eye for an eye...For those that say this is illegal; destroying ones natural habitat is a declaration of war as pollution and the destruction of natural habitat for profit will eventually kill you!