Thursday, 13 March 2008

No answer until 17 days before the general election.

Back in June 2005,

A citizen with the right to vote, sent a complaint to the Customer Care Office of EneMalta. It stated the following:

Lately enemalta has installed several poles and overhead lines in order to provide a service to a room in Ghasri. Attached you will find photo 1543 which shows the service in question which service is passing in our private property and moreover these set of poles and lines where installed without our authorization. Kindly note that other field tenants rights are only pass on foot in Maltese know as ( bir-rigel ).

Also note that none have the right to have any kind of service extended.

Apart from the irresponsibility shown by those who decided to install the poles without even informing us, note from photo 1551 the negligence, in that a pole has been erected around a foot away from the wall and with the pole diameter in itself being almost one foot means that the footpath which by law is enforced to be 1 meter has been reduced to a mere two feet.

More negligence and irresponsibility is evident in photos 1544,1545,1546,1549, and 1550, where it is shown that two brackets have been fixed and then not used to carry the lines, apart from the fact that they were fixed within our property, isn’t this a waste of resources, both in respect of Labour and material, just because the person responsible failed to check the works and job prior to assigning it to the workforce? Or is it that someone from within the corporation had an interest in this service?

While awaiting your reply as to on what grounds this service was provided and who authorized the erection of this poles and lines – as it is evident that the use is to pump water from an illegal borehole – I would also like to know who paid for the extension as a look will indicate that it is well beyond the limit imposed by enemalta.

An early reply to this issue would be greatly appreciated as otherwise I will have to take this matter elsewhere.

I will wait till Friday 17th June 2005 and hope this will be solved, these are the persons that will have this email next Friday.

Indeed the above appeal was sent to all of the following:

The only person who replied was Simon Busuttil whose one of his secretaries is a Gozitan. Simon Busittil referred this individual to the office of the ombudsman and they told him that they are investigating. Obviously to this date (2008) no answer.


Let's estimate the works that were done for one person to draw up water from an illegal borehole.

5 new 10ins Galvanized Poles.

Contractor to do the holes including erecting of ploes and concrete.

Fixing brackets with other houses.

Wires over the limit of the free, for about 3 times.

And ... 17 days before the general election 2008: another miracle.

MEPA approves a Full Development Permission / 01 to Sanction Erection of Poles. PA00067/07.

Think about it, the silence in Gozo must stop.

Some voters are more lucky than others.

Let me at least thank you for paying your tax. Shame that your money are going down the drain though.

I am not guilty. Nor should the 299 AD Gozo Number 1 voters be.
We are not giving in for corruption.
We are not going to sell our free mind and give more power to these kind of politicians.

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