Tuesday, 25 March 2008

AD welcomes halting of concrete works at Dwejra

The Malta Environment and Planning Authority has stopped works on the Interpretative Centre at Dwejra pending further investigations as it is possible that there are deviations from the approved plans, the authority said in a one sentence statement this evening.

The Regional Committee of Alternattiva Demokratika in Gozo welcomes the decision of the Planning Authority to stop the further concrete works at Dwejra. “MEPA should take this opportunity to ensure that all activities carried out to implement the Management Plan for Dwejra are fully transparent and that those responsible for its implementation are fully accountable and monitored” said Mr. Victor Galea, the Green Party’s spokesman for Gozo.


Bernard J Schranz said...

This is most atrocious ! To witness the total disregard towards this scenic and tranquil spot in Gozo is horrendously painful and whoever is behind this development deserves to be hung from the gallows.

Let's not kid ourselves and under the pretext of offering a service towards the tourism sector by constructing a restaurant, allow some particular individual/s (whoever they are) to profit at the expense of what is yours and mine whilst marring the Dwejra environment irreparably.

I simply cannot understand whose brilliant idea it was to even consider mapping such an eyesore let alone proceeding with granting the sacrilegious permit to construct it.

Demolish the building now before it is too late and hold the people responsible to account to restore the place to its former state.

Well done Victor for alerting the public about this. Keep up your good work.

Anonymous said...

Well done Victor Galea. You are needed in Parliament.
The idea of a structure like that is abnoxious to all. As one tourist said, "When Gozo begins to look like any other place, then what is the point of visiting Gozo? So there you have it. Tourism is doomed in the way Gozo is being fiddled with.

Please Return the Dwejra area the way it WAS. It has been left alone for centuries. Let us not touch it or Change it. It is delightfully attractive the way it is.

What is the point of building an Interpretation Center(What?!) with a resturant/caferia in it? Are not the present Kiosks enough? Why eliminate the small buissnesses by the new one? Maybe the present enterprises need some management. It does not need a Solomon to do just that.

A Tourist Center in combination with a souvenir, gifts, artisan items, would be more than enough in Dwejra. What is the purpose of going Big and ugly and out of character with the rest of Dwejra in a tiny pristine, preserved area?

PLEASE, LET US ENJOY GOZO. DO not destroy it little by little.