Friday, 28 March 2008

How much will YOU have to pay?

Again, these works at Marsalforn promanade started just few days before the general election. of those miracles.

Every Gozitan knows who the culprit is. Every Gozitan (and Maltese for that matter) knows that the responsibility falls also under the Zebbug Local Council. Perhaps not many are aware that the Kiosk owner is the colleague of the Zebbug Mayor and an elected councillor on the same local council. Moreover maybe fewer people know that the Manager ADT Gozo is the same mayor of Zebbug Local Council who was 'appointed'/'selected' not very long ago.

Now some people may put on a smile on their face since the Communications Minister Austin Gatt yesterday ordered the Malta Transport Authority (ADT) to take immediate and strict action if any illegal roadworks are undertaken by local councils or any other entity.

"The Ministerial Policy Directive was sparked by works being carried out by the Żebbuġ local council on the bridge in Marsalforn without an ADT permit. "

Can somebody explain?

Can somebody work out how much YOU are going to pay?

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Anonymous said...

L-unika haga li kien jonqsok tghid kienet li l-Ministru tat-Trasport huwa Austin Gatt u li flimkien ma kuginuh Lou Bondi’ ghandu flat tefa’ ta’ gebla l-boghod !!