Sunday, 20 April 2008

Daddy Cool

I feel that last week was another beautiful week in our marriage. At present we have a lot of time for talking playing and singing. My wife Miriam is finding it difficult to sleep at night due to her being in her last 2- 3 weeks before giving birth to our first child. Therefore we even keep talking and singing late at night. No problems with neighbors. As many other situations in Gozo, many properties both on the left and right side of our home are empty.

During this week, both our memories went back to our own childhood. We narrated how straight after school we used to go in front of the TV waiting for the children's programmes to start. The school then used to finish at 4.30pm. Cartoons started at around 5.00pm. On a black and white TV she used to watch the Rai from Zebbug. I did the same in Gharb. This goes back to early 70's!

I told her how I loved 'Mazinga Z', the gigantic Japanese super robot used as a secret weapon against the forces of evil. Miriam said she liked it very much too.

I switched on my synthesizer and played the tune. Miriam looked for the lyrics on Google Search. We found it. I played and she sang with her beautiful soprano voice.
Watch what we liked then:

We also remembered other kid's TV programmes. One of them was Dolce Remi. This was shown on Italia Uno. We both like the song very much. I forgot what the TV series was about but remembered the tune easily and yes we played and sang this Italian tune for hours....almost daily.
Don't you like it? it's cute:

Another children's TV series of our age was Heidi, a novel about the events in the life of a young girl in her grandfather's care, in the Swiss Alps. It's also a nice tune to sing but I still find it a bit hard to play the doodle dee on the keyboard. Don't blame me please:

One tune we remembered very clearly and easily to play is that of Family Adams. Miriam likes to sing this a lot, so much so that I played it every time we had a visitor to our house this week - Aunty Vitorja, our friend Anglu, parents in law even Arnold Cassola who payed a short visit over this week-end. They all thought we were a bit crazy except little Christina - our little niece who kept smiling while Miriam was singing.

It is amazing how nature prepares parents-to-be like ourselves to adapt to the new lifestyle a new born will bring. Cool.

I will write more about my feelings of becoming a daddy soon.


Carol said...

Cool but next time use a video camera and record Miriam and yourself singing halli naraw lilkom hehe I really tried hard to imagine you both in your pj's standing on the bed singing and jumping in the middle of the night! Take care and God bless you both u awguri for the coming days!!!

Victor Galea said...

Thanks Carol,

Will do the recording of Miriam singing and myself playing if and only if I will have another request :))) Tajjeb hekk?


Anonymous said...

mela here is the other request.!! Looking forward to hearing both of you too. Smajtkom minn qiegh ta' Malta he he sahhiet minghand wahda mill-imlaten :)

Victor Galea said...

Din l-Anonima min hi jew min hu? Kif ha nkun naf min fejn gej dan ir-request eh? The only hint is that s/he is from Malta!

David said...

You brought us many memories back with those cartoon clips. Nice to hear from you and showing us that you can really become kids twice... or never grow old. David and Ramona

P.S. do you remember the little house on the prairy and eight is enough.

Victor Galea said...

Hi David, great to get your message on my blog. Regards to your super lady :)
Nice memories indeed...
"The Little House on the Prairie" is another good one of our age. I liked the stories but not so much the tune. It remember that TV series inspired me to write a summary of one of its series....for the first time without my mother insisting that I should. Wow!

I remember "Eight is enough" very well since I was in my late primary years then!

pussy said...


verycool! Godbless u!

joan said...

Mela dik kienet is-sinfonija helwa gejja min fuq il-bahar!!!!!Jien kelli l-uinur li naghaddi ftit 'sing alongs' maghkom...esperjenza unika!!!:) Issa dalwaqt jkollna lil xi hadd iehor jkanta u ma ghandix dubju li ser jissupera lil kullhadd!
God bless you both - keep it up

Itamar said...

Brilliant blog!

Still cry when I think of poor Remi, all alone in this world (except for his dog, that later dies). Heidi and her (boy)friend Peter where always exploring nature in the Alps, while her grandpa was being a dodgy old geezer. Might have to rethink if that show was really that innocent.

Happy to see that you and Miriam are so supportive of each other and am sure the upcoming miracle of creation will be the most amazing experience of both your lives.

Already thought of a name? We believe the name is very important, as it says a lot of the child's relationship with the creator (not you... the biblical one!). Or as the ancient Romans would say: 'Nomen est omen'. My daughter is called Oryah, meaning 'light of the Lord' and she proved to be a light in the lives of everyone around her.

Time to get some sleep now, early day again tomorrow. Sweet dreams and enjoy the big belly beside you.

Marvic Ellul said...

A very original relaxing therapy for the couple who is expecting a baby soon! Well done. I did remember when my sisters and I used to enjoy watching the mentioned series of programmes daily for a short time after school. Other series we used to enjoy watching were:
Anna dei capelli rossi
with very cute tunes worth to sing and play. Wish that our future generations will have the opportunity to enjoy watching these cute cartoon series like their parents did once! Good Luck!

Veronica said...

Aw Victor

Qed niehu gost nisma' minn ghandek. Donnok ghaddej hajja, daddy cool. Il blog bomba. Gibtli hafna memorji ta' meta kont tifla ghax anki jien kont nara dawk il-programmi. Nawgura lilek u lil mara li ma jdumx ma jigi l-baby u k'Alla jrid kollox imur sew. Ara qis li tghidli meta jigi l-baby.

Qed nizgurak li dik ha tkun l-isbah esperjenza li se tghaddu minnha.

Ghid good luck lil mara u nisma' minghandek ma' ndumx bl-ahbar sabiha.


Anonymous said...

Memories may fade as the years go by but they won't age a day!
Always remember this beautiful time you are sharing together.
Awguri and God bless you both Miriam and Victor.

Anonymous said...

U Tetuta min jaf x'inhi tghid?

"Woof, Woof love is in the air everywhere I look around!."

"Love is in the air, every sight and every sound woof woof"

Victor Galea said...

Dear Anonymous concerned about our Tetuta.
Recently Marvic Ellul (see her comment above) kindly sent us an article on how to prepare our Tetuta for the coming baby.
So, there we are fully equipped :)



Jesmond said...

U l-Lupin u l-Goldrake tiftakarhom?
Ha nghidlek qed tittrennja sew ma torqodx bil-lejl ghax erbat ijiem ohra jaf ikollok toqghod tbennen mhux iddoqq

Pauline said...


Prosit tal blog. Prosit akbar tal-esperjenza li qeghidn jirreniexlkon tghaddu flimkien, ghax din zgur li ma tinsewha qatt. Il-cartoons li semmejt memorji
Those where the days. Awguri

Pauline said...


Prosit ta' l-esperjenza li ghaddejjin minnha, gawdiha sa l-ahhar ghaliex hija esperjenza li ma tinsew qatt. Bl-ismijiet tal-cartoons gibtli hafna memorji. Those were the days

Jacqueline said...

Aw Vic.....u Miriam!!! Kemm memorji tal-cartoons!! Jien wahda minn dawk li kont nikolhom bil-hobz u erhili quddiem it-telvision b'xi pakkett twistees fix-xitwa u b'xi gelat fis-sajf....jew xi faxx cicri friska :)

Jien l-aktar li kont nara kienu Candy Candy, Lady Oscar u Jeeg Robot :).....u ghadni kemm qghadt nara xi siltiet fuq il-YouTube!!

Certa li dan/din ic-ckejken se jkollu 2 genituri tal-genn!!
Barkiet u tisljiet