Friday, 20 June 2008

Sorry to repeat again: 'Fortifications Restoration Project’

Today the Hon. George Pullicino, Minister for Resources and Rural Affairs of our Republic addressed the public seminar on 'Fortifications Restoration Project' . What a great coincidence with the letter published on The Times today by the Xewkija resident Frankie Vella!

Pullicino is saying (no repetitions) that a fortune is to be spent on the restoration and rehabilitation of Malta's most important fortifications to make them an integral part of the country's cultural product. Priority is being given to the lines of fortifications in Valletta, Vittoriosa, Mdina and the Cittadella in Gozo. (See video on The Times by clicking HERE).


This discourse, we read about since two years ago. Read HERE.

For example Minister for 'all' the Gozitans said on the 19th May 2006 that
"Restoration work is currently under way on the outer north westerly walls of the Gozo Citadel. The work, which is being funded by the Gozo Ministry, involves the consolidation of part of the fortified wall system, the reconstruction of a totally collapsed stretch of the same wall and the complete removal and replacement of highly weathered stone to allow, amongst other things, the reestablishment of original 17th century features."
Read more HERE.

On the other hand, people like Frankie, and Joseph had been highlightening the
I suggest you read Joseph's contribution by clicking HERE (with photos) on the

"...ruins which stand not as monuments of the past but as evidence of the present disregard by the current government with regards to that which is of historical value in the centre of Gozo. Whether this is due to an inability to fund this site or a utilitarian objectivity stating that there is no perceivable monetary return for this investment it is subject to debate."

Frankie Vella's letter can be read HERE. I like the title: Cittadella under attack from weeds.

Let's continue fighting the attack or are we no more living in the feudal system?


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