Saturday, 28 June 2008

Remember this? "Don't Destroy Gozo"

This week, the Superintendence for Cultural Heritage called on MEPA to schedule the entire Ta’ Cenc area. In its annual report, the Superintendence also revealed that during its inspections of the area extending from the entire Ta’ Cenc plateau towards the valley and the bay of Mgarr ix-Xini, several previously unknown archaeological features were discovered.

Look at the beauty of these site in the photo above (Ta' Cenc on the right of the Mgarr ix-Xini valley and Ta' lambert/Tal-Kus on the left hand side).

We are now asking the Superintendence for Cultural Heritage to inspect the area around the heliport in Xewkija overlooking Mgarr ix-Xini Valley known at Ta’ Lambert, where illegal dumping takes place and a number of cart ruts and other pre-historic features had already been destroyed in broad daylight.

In a press statement published yesterday I said that it is of utmost importance that the archeological sites around the heliport are protected before somebody dreams of developing the area. The superintendence report itself states that a few meters away from Ta’ Lambert at Xewkija, there are archaeological remains and the surrounding landscape has to be protected. It is a shame that this area was left in such an abandoned state of affairs during the recent years. At present heavy machinery is extending a quarry very close to the area. We believe that the Superintendence is aware of the Roman-era Olive Press found near the heliport which unfortunately is in a total state of neglect. (see photo of the Roman-era Olive Press)

Hence I conclude by saying that if the government of Malta promised to protect the ecology of Gozo few weeks before last general election, we now demand action and not mere words. Eco and heritage tourism are a niche market which we are not exploiting enough. The archaeological sites at Ta’ Lambert are of great importance for future jobs because that is what makes us unique in attracting tourism since such prehistoric sites are only unique to our nation.

Any thinking?

Meantime I advice you to read a very interesting feature 'Illegal dumping - Gozo’s silent killer' by Malta Independent Journalist Francesca Vella by clicking HERE




Anonymous said...

Gozo does not have natural resourses, However we are very rich indeed in archeology and echology. These hopefully will be with us for ever unlike the contruction industry which comes and goes.

Remember this. "Dont destroy Gozo". Our livelihood depends on it.

Benny said...

Dear Victor,
I tried to raise the importance of safeguarding this pristine landscape months ago. It's better late than never. I wish our respected AD to take up this matter assiduously. An outragiously barefaced abuse of delegated power is the installation of floodlights on private villas and along the country road of Ghar ix-Xih, which connects Mgarr ix-Xini to Lambert. If this isn't light pollution I don't know what is. And, of course, paid from people's taxes, when energy is so expensive. The floodlit road serves only the interests of one private villa, because it is a dead end, leading to his gate.
Benny Saliba