Thursday, 24 July 2008

Are you an alien here?

Thousands of resident Non-Maltese EU citizens paying their taxes in Malta (and Gozo) are presently not registered to vote even though they have a right to do so for both the loacal councils elections and the European Parliamentary elections due to eleven months from now.

This is sad.

The Authorities do not inform YOU of this right. I was amazed to read one of the comments of the Times on-line saying that the government should not waste money on you!

I'm sure there is a reason behind this. The electoral offices in Malta and Gozo are not being pro-active in enrolling Non-Maltese EU residents in the electoral register for the EU Parliament elections. On the otherhand, I'm sure that the Income Tax and other Taxing Departments chase these people constantly.

The deadline for enrollment in the European Parliament electoral register to be eligible to vote in the European Parliament elections next year is late February 2009.

So my advice is, respect yourself, and don't wait for anybody to inform you of your basic right. I believe that you invested in this country and am sure you would like to give a message to your authorities that as a resident here, the beauty of our islands should be respected and safeguarded for present and future generations.

Unless you register yourself before February next, you will be unable to exercise your basic EU right to vote either in the local elections or in the European Parliament elections, scheduled for June next year.

For your convenience and that of your friends, relatives and colleagues, please avail of the following link to download and print the prescribed European Parliament voter registration form:

This must be presented, along with your Maltese identity card, to your local Identity Card office in order to enrol on the electoral register for the European Parliament.

For identity card holders in Malta:

Identity Card Office

Evans Building, Saint Elmo Place,

Valletta VLT 2000

(Near the Mediterranean Conference Centre)

For identity card holders in Gozo:

Passport Office

St. Francis Square


(Near the Ministry of Gozo)

Malta Opening hours:

Monday to Friday: From 7.30am till 2.00pm

Wednesday afternoons: From 3.00pm till 6.00pm

Saturdays: From 7.30am till 10.30am

Telephone: 25-583133 or 21-231245

Gozo Opening hours:

Monday to Friday: 7.45 till 11.30am

Telephone: 21-556317

E-mail address:

Should you experience any difficulty following procedures or meet any bureaucratic problems at any stage, or wish to ascertain if you are registered to vote or not, please send me an e-mail with your name, surname, locality and full postal address, corresponding to that printed on your identity card and we will let you know. My e-mail is

This is YOUR RIGHT. Use it once you can.

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