Sunday, 3 August 2008

Careers in Agriculture

Like you probably, I learned about this meeting from the media. Like you, I was not informed or even invited since this event was organised by the Ministry for Gozo....and by now we should all know how this Ministry works....

"Yes...alone everything is possible".

Anyhow, a meeting was organised by the ministry for Gozo through the coordination of the Institute of Agriculture within the University of Malta.

Apparently the director of the Institute spoke about the opportunities available to those who would like to further their studies in this sector.

How and what, the reporting of this meeting did not say.

What I can say is that I wrote many a times to this Institute of Agriculture to help tapping young Gozitans to work in the sector of agri-tourism. The Ager Foundation is constantly seeking a number of Gozitans working in this sector to provide agro-expertiences to tourists and visitors to our island., since the demand in the past three years is greater than the supply.

So if you are truely interested in working in this sector and learn more about job opportunities in agri-tourism, visit our website and contact me for a meeting.

I am glad that I managed to keep the Ager Foundation away from the local medieval politics.

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