Monday, 4 August 2008

'Democracy of the Middle Ages'

Surprise! Surprise!

Those of you who got the patience of following our local medieval political system are aware that the 2 parties in parliament agreed to exclude The Malta Green Party from talks on the reform of the electoral system.

The Times of Malta gave a brief report on this and I am astonished by the amount of comments on the Times-on-line by people who believes that bi-partisan politics should end once and for all, especially now that none of the major political parties enjoy an absolute majority. Read Comments HERE.

The talks are being held by the government and the opposition in a parliamentary select committee chaired by the Speaker.

Stephen Cachia, Alternattiva Demokratika spokesman on democratic institutions and Civil Rights in his letter pointed out that in the 1992-1996 period AD had participated on a par with the other parties both in the Gonzi Commission for changes in the electoral system and in the Galdes Commission on financing of political parties.

"It would be an enormous step backward vis-a'-vis democracy if, today, over 12 years later, the two parties in Parliament would be deciding exclusively between themselves on an issue which directly involves other political parties". Stephen Cachia said.

"It is even more important than ever for Alternattiva Demokratika to participate fully in the discussions because the government of the day only commands a relative majority and represents less than half of the electorate"

"Because of the present electoral system Alternattiva Demokratika, which represents two and half times the difference between the two parties in parliament (3810 voters), does not have a seat in parliament. It is therefore even more imperative that the committee discussing electoral systems and party financing should include AD in order to ensure the widest possible representation of the Maltese electorate", Mr Cachia said.

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