Thursday, 11 September 2008

'Foreigners' asked to help 'foreign' players

A 'foreign' player for the Grab Ranger Football Club costs 300 a month plus incidental expenses, for nine months, September 08 to May 09.

A local, representing the Club is not having much luck with the locals when it comes to collecting the money to employ the 'foreign' player in order to bring the team up to strength.

Apparently no Gozitan in the village is willing to help and the club is now approaching "foreigners" (as they are still called here) for
funds. One of these "foreigners" has guaranteed to make up the difference if the club is unable to raise the full cost. Others agreed to a monthly donation and will speak with other ex-pats who may be willing to do the same.

The point of this note is that the club representative said: "Gozitans will pay up thousands of Euros for fireworks or the church when the priest asks them, but they won't pay for local sport."

In view of a letter to the Times about fireworks and EU Food Aid for Gharb residents, (READ HERE) I agreed that this blog entry will do well as a follow-up of the eventualities.

It is also interesting how some locals are ready to approach the 'foreigners' for money and yet expect them to shut up when they speak up or write about the quality of life in our islands. Some extreme nationalistic locals even regard these EU residents in our islands as 'Aliens' - READ HERE.

Apparently not when it comes for money and donations! Ironic is it?

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Anonymous said...

Ta Cenc needs to be included in the Natura 2000 list. That has been and is still the issuse. Why all the waiting?