Tuesday, 27 January 2009

Aquatic sports facilities required in Gozo for clubs, schools and the public

On a press statement issued on the 19th of this month, I remarked that Gozo still lacks public aquatic sports facilities and that the lack of development of sports facilities in Gozo is another sign that Gozitans are not treated equally as their Maltese counterparts.

My Party - The Green Party (AD) is supporting the Gozitan Waterpolo Club Otters ASC in their plea for a fresh water pool in Gozo. One national swimming pool already exists in Malta, together with another two covered and heated pools; hence we believe that Gozitans deserve, by right, an indoor heated pool in Gozo.

AD has long been insisting that the government should invest in aquatic sports in Gozo. In our electoral manifesto for Gozo, Alternattiva Demokratika proposed that a pool and aquatic sports facility would form part of the existing sports complex in Victoria where adjacent land is available.

I reminded that a swimming pool in Gozo was part of the Nationalist Party`s manifesto in 1991. But we are still waiting 18 years after.

We urge elected parliamentarians to cross party co-operation in order to safeguard the interests of all Gozitans and Gozo's specific needs. The government should invest in sports in Gozo rather than speculating further on public land.

The Green Party Chairperson Prof. Arnold Cassola also commented on this issue and said that given the socio-educational advantages of aquatic sports in Gozo, he sincerely hope that in the not-so-distant future sports finds itself on the national agenda and is not used only for lip-servicing exercises that seem to have become somewhat of a national pastime.

Prof. Cassola concluded by saying:

"Give Gozitans what is theirs by right. Gozo deserves the construction and development of a common Olympic Standard pool heated to be used both in Winter and Summer for training and available to all clubs, schools and the general public.”

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