Tuesday, 21 July 2009

'ecological' projects on an 'ecological island'

Tax-Xerri tal-Qala is amongst the 'lucky ones' (Click here to find out why).

Last December (2008) I myself did a blogg entry on the same subject. CLICK HERE and come back!

Who and where is next?

…Now let’s see which first politician will organise a tombola or a get-together in this place with such marvellous scenery?

Perhaps you need to wait about 4 years….but then…people will forget and vote.




Anonymous said...

Give me anything beutiful in Gozo and I will destroy it for my own pleasure. Then all will be satisfied.

Anonymous said...

an important person told me that 'the people deserve whom they elect.'

How true. It is easy to cry foul now.

VOTES are the only thing that CAN make a difference

Anonymous said...

Eco Gozo is being wiltered.