Sunday, 23 August 2009

"This is the way we do it here" - Eco-Gozo a-la-PN

This morning was was quite happy to read about a 'foreign' woman who stood up to a man from the Public Cleansing Department.

This is what Francesca Vella - The Malta Independent journalist wrote:

Woman shocked by the way beach was ‘cleaned’
A reader called our offices yesterday to complain about the way personnel from the Public Cleansing Department recently cleaned a beach in Marsalforn. The reader said she was snorkelling in the clear sea with a friend at about 7.30am one day last weekend, when two men from the cleansing department arrived in a van and politely asked them to remove their belongings from a pathway leading to the sea.About six more men then turned up, picked up what large pieces of rubbish they could with their bare hands and then, according to the woman, they simply used a hosepipe to push the rest of the rubbish, which included cigarette butts, into the sea.“I was shocked and spoke to the foreman, a man named Lawrence, who refused to give me his surname or the name of his boss. He simply told me: ‘this is the way we do it’.”“They call it ‘cleaning’, but they polluted what had been clear blue sea a few minutes before”, she complained, saying that Gozo is being ruined by mismanagement and corruption.“This place is littered with omerta,” she said, adding that she recently moved to Gozo for health reasons, but was disgusted by the way things are done there.

The elected Mayor and Zebbug Councillors should be ashamed about the dilapitated state of Marsalforn, Qbajjar and Xwejni....this not to mention the people who voted for them!

Let's grow please.

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