Thursday, 28 February 2008

Meeting first time AD voters

Had quite a busy week.

Monday: the debate on Bondi+
It was my first time experience to debate with opposition leader Dr. Alfred Sant
Not the first time I met Georg Sapiano. He once invited me for his TV programme when he was a presenter on NET.
During the programm I felt that I could relate with many voters who are fed up of the bi-partisan politics of 'everything wrong vs everything right' approaches. Did my best to be moderate. I received positive feedback especially from new people saying that they liked it when I told the PN and MLP reps. that they 'ipappuwa flimkien'.

Tuesday: Press conference organised by AN
The subject was Transparency.
As expected the discussion was totally out of subject. The PN representative Dr. Tonio Borg and the MLP representative Leo Brincat were more interested to attack each other rather than discussing how their parties are proposing to create a transparent administration.
On the other hand I talked about what AD is proposing: A freedom of Information Act, a Whistle Blower Act and a law controlling political party finances amongst other proposals.
Many Gozitans called to say they were happy that I mentioned Ta' Cenc, Ramla l-Hamra and Hondoq and how these beautiful spots will be destroyed if AD is not elected to parliament next election.
Viewers also liked it when I explained that the vote belongs to the people and they can vote freely to whoever they want.

I dedicated this day to home visits. At one point, we noticed a car following us while in Kercem. The people in the car thought that I am stupid. Of course I realised that one of the men was calling people via his mobile instructing families not to open the door. This was confirmed later by three families excusing themselves for not opening since they are 'afraid' from the three men in the car. How funny. The three men in the car were helping me acquire some new votes :)
These tactics are of old.....and self-destructive. When will these people learn?

Another day for home visits. Very inspiring. I am learning a lot why people are voting AD for the first time. Very encouraging.

Tomorrow is another day.




Andre said...

Nonetheless, we can't call ourselves a democratic country if such intimidating tactics are being used.

There is still a culture of fear of speaking your mind out - even at university - and I for one am tired of it.

Parent Leader -Malta said...

Victor ibqa sejjer kif int sejjer u thalli lil hadd jintimidak jew ikissrek.
Mahatma Gandhi kien qal hekk:
"You must be the change you wish to see in the world."

Anonymous said...

Victor, you do not know us but we had been following you closely through your websites. You have a lot of support in Gozo. Your voters (unlike the MLP and PN) are silent and clever. You have 20 new votes from our families. You talk with sense and genuinely. We saw you working for Gozo for the last years. Keep up the good work.