Sunday, 27 April 2008

Agro and Eco Holidays in Gozo

Reading the Sunday newspapers today I was so pleased to read a contribution as a letter to the Sunday Independent Editor under the name of Not. J. L. Attard (Read HERE).Not sure if Attard is the one I know.

Although the first part of his letter was focused on statistical figures of unemployment written in quite a partisan way and thus bashing the PN government, the rest of his letter was positive. I am so pleased that
finally another Gozitan can see a solution to create more jobs in Gozo by investing in the agri-tourism sector.

Two summers ago, an SBS Radio representative visited Gozo. She and her family participated in one of the experiences offered by the Ager Foundation. She interviewed me (in Maltese) and some of the service providers - farmers. I downloaded the sound clip from the Sydney Radio and created the video clip below and added it to the new Ager Foundation Youtube page.

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Therese Mercieca said...

Well done for this initiative.