Thursday, 10 July 2008

Red Alert once more at Ramla l-Hamra

Pardon me for having to repeat, but as predicted, the fate of Ramla l-Hamra was to be decided after the last general election.

At the same time we are talking about the prospects of turning Gozo into an ecological island thus creating sustainable jobs and quality tourism infrastructure, the MEPA which falls under the direct order of our Prime Minister is to decide on the further developments at the former Ulysses Lodge site by the legendary Calypso Cave in Ramla l-Hamra.

The MEPA’s Appeals Board (which, mind you, falls under the direct responsibility of Gonzi) will decide this coming Friday, the 11th of July, the proposed development at the former Ulysses’ Lodge site, in Ramla Bay.

If the government truly believes that Gozo deserves to be a distinct tourist destination, investing in buying the property and turn it to its original state would be a long term solution for such controversies. The same way the Malta government invested in spending millions of Euros to buy ‘Dar Malta’ in Brussles, the same should be dedicated in the creating a tourism infrastructure at Ramla l-Hamra combining its geomorphologic features, Roman archaeological remains and the endangered fauna, flora and sand dunes. All these provide a future of niche market tourism where all Gozitans in general would benefit from.”

On the other hand, if the Government does not have the courage or will power to safeguard Gozo, environmental NGO’s should be encouraged to set-up a National Trust Fund in order to do so.

And a last word to those greedy ones:

"The island of Gozo does not belong to you or me or them - it belongs to all the people of Gozo and their future progeny. We only have it on loan and it is our duty to safeguard it for future generations"

Fingers crossed



Anonymous said...

It is ironical that Gozo minister will be launching a public consultation process about Gozo as an Eco-Island, when on the same day there is a hearing planned about the future of Ramla L-Hamra. Talking from both sides of the mouth? Is this a move to divert one's attention to glittery things?

For example, Arnold Cassola of the Green Party has suggested that solar water heaters will be a very effective way to create jobs, save huge energy resources, financially assist all citizens and so on. What is the reason for the delay in embracing his suggestion? It contains all the elements of a PN projection. Gozo, in desperate need of jobs, could benefit immensely from such a proposal. Is the lack of implimentation due to the fact that Dr. Cassola is an AD?

Gozo needs action in the right direction.

Anastasia said...

Ramla is one unusual beach , which you cannot find around any of the EU. its maybe just 4 similar beaches /more smaller/ . and how i know, peoples cannot build anything around more 600 meters to not destoy the view. all the tourist just thanksfull a lot, that its good now how it is. and they will be really very unhappy if around appears more buildings.
Thnaks a lot.

Anonymous said...

Is this the last Red Alert or shall we wait for the next one? Will common sense and the cry or scream of the people count for anything? What is the purpose of having consultations when voices are being muted?

With Victor Galea it is reiterated once more that '"The island of Gozo does not belong to you or me or them - it belongs to all the people of Gozo and their future progeny. We only have it on loan and it is our duty to safeguard it for future generations".

So Ramla L-Hamra will be defended with all our strength.

Anonymous said...

For Heaven's sake all men of good will..SAVE RAMLA.
This area is so sensitive to nature. Anyone remembers turtles laying eggs on this sandy beach? I do.
Speculation versus the beauty of nature, its reward and returns to Gozo tourism.
Remove light pollution and let the gift of nature return to the times of the sea turtles.
PLEASE please preserve the few sites Gozo has for us, for our children for the guests who visit this island.

Anonymous said...

Chasing after smoke? Anyone can see that new applications and new complaints are are an every day occurrance. More meetings and postponements from MEPA. Obvious is obvious. So why prolong the abony of every interested person?
Is MEPA able to say NO to developers?