Sunday, 8 February 2009

The Team Spirit of Gharb Rangers F.C.

I still cannot understand what is truly behind this story reported on the local media over this week-end.

It was reported that the Gharb F.C. committee was employing a non-Maltese person without the necessary for permits for him to work as a football plyer with the Club.

Although this player was paid by the Gharb F.C. (whose money are collected from door to door - including mine), the necessary licences were not in line with the law.

However, the Nigerian player was arrested during half time of a football game at the Gozo stadium on Thursday 5th February, when it was discovered his permit had expired.

Three Gharb football club officials, Joseph Cauchi, 38, Louis Apap, 56 and Mario Saliba, 40, appeared before Magistrate Dr Paul Coppini accused of employing a non-Maltese person without a permit and the necessary licences.

The three officials were also accused of not notifying the Employment and Training Corporation of the employment.

Police Inspector Josric Mifsud was the prosecuting officer.

I was never involved directly in any Football Club, but I heard of the term "Team Spirit".


Anonymous said...

This fact was also reported on the Italian media as the player's agent reported the Club to the FIFA. A short article can be found in the link below:

Joseph said...

This fact was also repoted in international media as the player's agent reported the club to the FIFA. The link below takes you to a short article on an Italian site.