Thursday, 3 September 2009

No To Gharbitrary Planning Proposals

The Gharb Residents' Association has again joined forces with other entities to protest against the proposed mushroom factory in Gharb in an area as big as 2 football pitches in yet another Outside Development Zone and immediately adjacent to a residential area.

Special thanks to Moviment Graffitti, who, earlier this week, protested in front of the MEPA Offices and made a particular mention of this proposed factory in Gharb.

With reference to the Project Description Statement (PDS) commissioned by the developers, it is noteworthy that since 2003, MEPA recommended a site at the Xewkija Industrial area. However, when they realised that there was a residential area within the zone, MEPA itself recommended withdrawal of this application because this development would have created hazards to the residents there.

Therefore what is unacceptable for Xewkija residents is likewise unacceptable for the Gharb residents.

Such a planning application should never be proposed near any residential area in Gozo. The raw sewage outflow in Wied il-Mielah Valley, Gharb, coupled with the stench of chicken manure from a mushroom farm would further compound the deterioration of the health and safety of the residents here.

Victor Galea - for the rights of the residents and protection of Gharb

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