Thursday, 14 February 2008

Early intervention services in Gozo - inexistent

As an educator myself, I would like to comment on the inequality in educational resources and opportunities in Gozo vis a vis those in Malta.

I believe that educational policies in Gozo should not be inferior to those in Malta. Like many of you, I am aware of the relationship between low rates of education achievement and unemployment. The education administration in Gozo often has to struggle between two different ministries who often have two different agendas.

I would like to ask:

'Why is it that in certain areas, decisions of deployment of educators in Gozo are taken by the Ministry for Gozo without consultation with the Ministry of Education?'

Furthermore, 'Why does a family who needs to assess their child for an early intervention has to suffer the inconvenience of having to travel to the Child Development Assessment Unit (CDAU) waking up and leaving home from as early as half past five in the morning for an appointment at half nine? How client centred and child centred is this kind of service? And how is this inefficiency of this service going to affect the child's education success and future job opportunities?

Will this contribute to the possibility that s/he will end up on the unemployment list?

By offering such early intervention services in the Region Island of Gozo, it will help towards increasing equality of educational opportunity between Malta and Gozo. Investment in education does not merely entails investment in the provision of educational services; but investment in the research, evaluation and monitoring of quality provision and prevention programmes.

For these (and other) ideas to come to fruition you need to use your vote wisely. Vote for REAL change.

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