Thursday, 14 February 2008

Who are the jobless in Gozo?

There are other jobs related to service activities which need further investment in Gozo. I am not just referring to the jobs in the infrastructure industry but at the upgrading of jobs related to energy, transport and communications in Gozo that are in desperate need to be seriously addressed. What if you land on Mgarr Gozo and would like to travel to the Inland sea in Dwejra and visit the Citadel and Ramla Bay? Every Gozitan knows that this is impossible to do by means of public transport! Furthermore, one needs to start looking at employability from a broader perspective: jobs related to banking, wholesale and retail trades, and personal activities such as plumbing, plastering, painting and maintenance work are services which are mainly in demand by the Gozitans themselves, but such services are also utilised by the tourism industry.

I believes that it is possible to increase job opportunities for Gozitans and decrease the number of people registering for employment by monitoring the whole of the welfare system in Gozo and addressing some of these questions and issues:

Why is the number of people registering for employment increasing during any administration and decreasing just few weeks towards a general election period?

Who are the people registering for work? If they were employed before, why are they registering for work now and on which scheme?

Are all of these really unemployed and/or want to seek work?

If not, what measures are taken?

How many Gozitans are boarded-out after the recent close-down of factories in the Xewkija ex- industrial zone? Why?

If these are unemployed and want to work then a plan should include at least some of the project/initiatives mentioned above. After experiencing over 40 years of bi-party political system that put at a disadvantage any attempt for a third party to be democratically represented in parliament; we Gozitans know for sure why such questions are rarely addressed in the parliament of Malta. We also know what needs to happen for a better quality of life in Gozo - at least we Greens know!

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