Sunday, 13 April 2008

Keeping Promises: Ramla and Ta' Cenc

The Malta Independent journalist David Lindsay, today wrote about the 'Ulysses Lodge, Ta’ Cenc appeals slated for 27 June'.
Well well...

May I remind what I wrote specifically before the last general election a few weeks ago. Click

In my blog entry of the 21st February 2008, then I wrote
about the fate of Ramla, ta' Cenc and Hondoq if Gozitans would not vote strongly to The Greens.

We were talking about the prospects of turning Gozo into an ecological island thus creating sustainable jobs and quality tourism infrustructure. Alas! also the GonziPN
propaganda was mentioning AD's idea of turning Gozo into an ecological island.

Now we have it: Appeals from the developers of two of the most controversial proposed developments in Gozo, if not the country – Ta’ Cenc and the Ulysses Lodge – are to be heard by the Malta Environment and Planning Authority appeals board on the same day, 27 June.

I can proudly say again: "Not guilty" so should be the 300 Gozitan AD voters.

Where there is support and unity there is strength. Where there is fear and selfishness, our island is to lose.


Anonymous said...

Well now we all know why Gonzi hammered AD out of the way. Gonzi did a good job in weakening AD.

Most NGOs have been bought by Gonzi giving them generous grants and or
land to look after which generates donations for them.

So now Gonzi will not have much opposition in raping this island.

Well Done and very clever of Gonzi to get the Gozitans to vote for him
even though he is planning to rape the island for them.

Anonymous said...

Vic, my vote for AD on 8 th March 2008 gave me my political freedom and was purely a green vote for the beautiful island Gozo.

My way of thinking was always green, I thought i was the only one. Now i am not the only one. Someday others will join us.
I am afraid that it will be too late.

Ta' Cenc, Ramla il-Hamra and Hondoq ir- Rummien are doomed to be destroyed from their natural beauty for ever.

Who can stop them now? I mean MLPN doupoly both in power as before. Gozitans and Maltese alike didn't realise that without AD in parliament no one can stop them.

I am proud of not being an accomplice for the destruction that is going to happen to the above mentioned places and others. I would be very sad to see these places destroyed.

I did my part.

Your efforts are great.
Not guilty!

An accomplice is guilty as the one who commits the crime.

What does Daphne ( DCG ) have to say for voting to JPO? (MISTRA).

Parent Leader -Malta said...

I believe we can stop them from destructing what is left. Did we forget the saying: "Where there is a will there is a way."
To admit that no one can stop MLPN power will be admitting defeat.
Lets continue sounding our voices against this enviroment massacre in every opportunity we encounter.