Wednesday, 28 May 2008

It is not my fault stupid - The Housing Authority

Those of you who followed the letter to the Editor of the Malta Independent Daily could read a reply of our recent press statement called: AD - "The Housing Authority should make use of empty dwellings in Gozo"
The name of the letter in question is called : "Empty Dwellings". In brief, the Housing Authority Spokesperson explained that since the Authority withdrew the application, everybody in the whole world should know even though the MEPA website - to this very date- still indicates that the Housing Authority is applying for an "Outline development application for the construction of dwelling units overlying garages at basement level" - namely PA01484/08.

In her letter, Ms. Grech from the Housing Authority kindly informed the public that "the Housing Authority is not going to develop any new project in Gharb. The mentioned planning application has been withdrawn by letter dated 14 May 2008."

I find it hard to believe that the Housing Authority is saying that the application was withdrawn yet the application is still posted on the MEPA website. This is another typical example of how a government entity goes on the defence and tries to make the common citizen believe they are wrong. - "You stupid - You should know".

Rather than trying to justify who is right and who is wrong, we are pleased that the Housing Authority realised that unsustainable development on Gozo is not the way forward if the island wants to benefit from its social and natural attractions to lure foreigners to set up residence on the island. These newcomers would provide stable, year-round revenue to various economic operators in Gozo. Besides they are likely to invite and promote a new inflow of tourists when friends and relatives visit. The Green Party (AD) will continue nurturing and brand the key image of the island’s green and natural environment.

I reiterate my party's position that the Housing Authority should back up its pledge of using already available housing stock and negotiate to buy built-up property, rather than taking more arable land. It is about time that the Housing Authority, instead of being part of the problem, starts being part of the solution.

A reminder: one in every three dwellings in Gozo is empty all year round.

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Anonymous said...

Horray for MEPA. The application for the building is witdrawn. I would like to see more of such letters in public and that the withdrawal is for ten years or for ever and not for the time being (maybe a few weeks or months) until nobody is watching and then a new application ensues.