Friday, 13 June 2008

They want more traffic flow into Victoria

Even common sense say that anywhere on Earth where new roads are built and car parks are constructed - this encourages more traffic flow. But alas! Some Gozitans especially those into business think otherwise.

The story started when during the last 20 years the bus transport system in Gozo became almost inexistent. Bus trips between villages became unreliable and bus schedules very limited. Don't you dare file in a report with the Gozo Police or Gozo ADT. The only fixed and 'almost' reliable bus transport which remained is that from Mgarr Harbour to Victoria and vice versa. Click HERE and see the limited bus schedule in Gozo!

Then who blames families to purchase a car or two in order for them to maneuver around this tiny island? Who blames young people to quickly make a loan with a bank in order to purchase a car for them to be able to get to work on time?

The geography of Gozo makes it almost impossible to travel from one place to another without entering into Victoria - Victoria being in the centre of this island. For tourist and first time visitors to the island, traffic signs and diversions are a joke in the face - yes even today 2008.

However instead of proposing sustainable alternatives, we can read a couple of people (mainly from Victoria) lamenting about the problem. Don't blame them. Read for example Sabine Cassar-Alpert experience in the traffic gem in Victoria [photo included: courtesy of Sabine Cassar-Alpert]. Or Mike Wagstaff in his letter to the Times here.
Even Paul M. Cassar, also from Victoria shared his bit.

But what in my opinion is poor is some of their logic.

People like George Edward Cremona is proposing a ring road. Then the Victoria Local Councilis proposing yet a ring road and more car park spaces! No Green thinking of course.

What is Green thinking about?
Click on the video clip below:

...and if you want to read more about The Green Party's 22 proposals for a radical reform in public transport in Gozo read HERE.

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