Monday, 18 February 2008

The blessed report

Carmel Cacopardo, an Alternattiva Demokratika candidate who used to work at the Mepa audit office published the Mepa preliminary audit report into the redevelopment of the Sant’ Antnin waste recycling plant in Marsascala.

Party leader Harry Vassallo said it was shameful that Mepa, which was there to protect the community, had not published the report.

Others have different views of course.

It seems that there are still some people in 2008 Malta who are prepared to defend the government even when it acts against the basics of democracy: TRANSPARENCY.

I particularly liked the comment by certain Dion Borg on the Times of Malta. He wrote:

"This blessed report is ultimately financed by taxpayers, and thus is owned by the people, and its purpose was supposedly to safeguard our common interest – read, no government’s or any other (sic) ‘citizen-serving’ institution’s interest.

Throughout this saga, govt and its quangos strived to keep independent information shrouded from the public domain, although it is of public concern… and only a few weeks ago Carmel Cacopardo was ‘not allowed’ to comment on the report during a hearing at the Court of Justice!

I believe that Carmel Cacopardo, acting morally, factually demonstrated his strong character and that his ultimate alliance is to the people and not to the quango and/or govt which pays lip service of holding Malta’s interest at heart. He has done so even at his own personal peril, of being sued (from misused public funds) for making public, a report which is in the public’s interest – although the condemning parties stand more to lose from taking this matter further.

Carmel Cacopardo has upheld Transparency, when both the MLPN have cheekily kept the status quo on the vile anonymous Party Financing, wherein they shed all their bloated ethics and readily accept hefty (yet un-quantified) ‘donations’ from tycoons who obviously know how to invest their funds.

In most European true democracies, Carmel Cacopardo would avail of a long overdue Whistleblower Act, whilst Political Parties accepting undisclosed payments will be prosecuted… however in supposedly EU Malta, dominated by the MLPN dual dictatorship - things are slightly different!

I believe Malta would be a much better place with more Cacopardos around at more effective offices!"

and I fully agree.

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