Sunday, 17 February 2008

The chances for AD to be elected to parliament

A doctor and a friend of mine visited me last night. I got a cold so I have to be careful.

"What are the Gozitans saying Dott?" I asked.

"Well, as you know, I do not follow politics throughout the year, but I do follow a bit during these days before the election. One new thing I noticed this year. Like never before the PN are worrying too much about AD being elected to parliament. I know that during home visits, they are telling people lies about voting AD. One of the lies is 'vote AD means voting labour'. I think that such stupid statements will backfire and AD will get more and more support from the intelligent voter, namely from the floating voters."

"It will backfire....treating people stupid is no good"

"Get well soon"

They say that it is impossible for AD to be elected to Parliament.

If approximately 2500 in one district vote for AD then it is very likely that AD will elect a member to Parliament. Considering that AD has been working very hard to explain and promote its vision for a coalition government for all the Maltese people, the prospects of this happening are very good.


Anonymous said...

Victor, I think you truly deserve to be in parliament. No other politician has shown so much enthusiasm for Gozo. Best of luck!

Anonymous said...

I am still hesitating between you and Chris Said for my number 1 in Gozo. Both you will definetely get either 1 or 2. Would the 2 be helpful for AD in gozo or is it just helpful in Malta?

Victor Galea said...

A number 1 vote to AD is a loud and clear message be it in Malta and Gozo.
Thank you