Thursday, 31 January 2008

Under La Palma

I remember it was early September 2004. It was a sunny morning and we sat down in our garden in Gharb. We call our garden 'Epicurus' since it was here where Miriam, Anton Farrugia locally known as tal-Castle Pharmacy and myself, enjoyed studying and revising philosophy before the finals. Anton Farrugia was a retired good soul who voluntarily looks after the Gozo Cathedral library.

Although it was an early Sunday morning, the sun was already hot but it was still cool enough to stay under the shade of the palm tree planted in our neighbor's garden. Cpt. Willy Wirth, my neighbour, is so proud of his palm tree that he named his daughter's holiday house in Gharb 'La Palma'.

I was preparing some cookies and Miriam, my wife was preparing some tea/coffee for the semi-established group. The people who turned up that morning were 7 Gozitans.

One of the the members, a practicing lawyer who also helped in the Cassola campaign for the MEPs election during May of that year addressed the question: "So what is going to happen now in Gozo?" and he continued..."The Greens got over 1,300 first count votes just from Gozo alone".
Fine granted we all knew that and we all acknowledge this splendid result with satisfaction. So what is next?"

Indeed, this was the agenda for that 'meeting' and the Green Party Leader Dr. Harry Vassallo together with the then party's secretary general Mr. Stephen Cachia crossed over from Malta that Sunday morning to discuss with us the 'what is next'.

I was soon realising what was going to happen...

"We need to continue to build on the result obtained by the Green Party candidate Prof. Arnold Cassola" I said. There was full agreement by all.

Harry and Stephen arrived. Understandably most often Maltese arrive late.

One young member of the group, a Naduri said: "The fact that 1,300 Gozitans voted for an alternative to traditional politics is very encouraging for us to continue working".

And it was here that Stephen Cachia suggested that we need to organise a structure for the Green Party in Gozo.

Eighteen eyes set on me (including those of my wife). Silence. Harry broke this silence and said: "All you need is a clear aim and a co-ordinator....that's all".

Yeah that's all

I was trying to move my chair under more shade. One of the cats passed by and I started to play with it a bit. My wife often says that I should be more gentle with pussy cats.

I was fully aware that I was avoiding the situation.

My eyes and those of my wife's were saying thousand words.

Harry asked "Is it that difficult to nominate somebody from the group to set-up and co-ordinate the AD Gozo group?"

"I think Victor would do great" said the Gozitan lawyer. I immediately replied back: "Why not you? You are a well known lawyer in Gozo and..."
"No, I am not as organised as yourself. Look at yourself during Arnold's campaign. You already drafted the aims of the AD Gozo group, called for meetings, minuted should be the one" he immediately replied without letting me finish.

The whole group agreed and Harry said in la maltija "Hekk naseb jien ukoll". (this is what I also think)

I looked at my wife. I understood but nobody else did.

I announced the agenda for the next meeting which was the approval of the AD Gozo Mission Statement.

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