Thursday, 31 January 2008

More Popeye (ies?)

Decided not to cross to Gozo on Friday but today. Reason being that I do not want to wait for hours on a Friday evening to cross over to Gozo with all the cars coming to Gozo for the Carnival festivities. However I still found myself waiting. Parked the car in the Q and went for a coffee at the Cirkewwa Cafe'. That is the place where one meet other impatient Gozitan commuters waiting for the next boat to go over to Gozo.
One of the frequent commuters come to me and in a low voice he commented: "It's so obvious that election day is so soon".
"8th of March they are saying" I said.
"Yeah it must be that close" he was assuring me.
I know this fellow quite well. I know he does not follow the newspapers and hardly have time to sit down and watch any news. I was curious to find out from what sources he got it that the election is so soon.
"How do you know this Guz?", I asked.
"Sure I know! Did you not see the number of new employees and sailors this morning with the Gozo Channel?"

I smiled.

"And their connections are stronger than those of Popeye!"

I laughed.

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