Friday, 1 February 2008

Job Opportunities for Gozitans (3)

I believe that transport costs can be mitigated through an industry support policy and through making wise use of EU programmes. Because of the insularity problems (double insularity in the case of Gozo) industry incurs relatively high per unit costs on imported material and on exported finished products.

Local Authorities are constantly increasing the traveling costs effecting Gozitans directly or indirectly. Unfortunately services such as the Gozo Channel are no more considered as a social service but simple as a business venture. EU advantages in this regard are hardly being exploited such as for example, the Short-Sea Shipping Programmes of the EU.
Our vison for Gozo as a distinct island-region is very much in-line with EU policies. Unfortunately, there is much shifting of responsibility in regards. I believe that it is the responsibility of Gozitan politicians to offer solutions and answers to this problem and that these can be discussed with the EU for possible funding for sustainable transport to and within Gozo. For some reason, the local administration still awaits for the EU to propose innovative projects for Gozo. But alas! It's the other way round!

With technological advancements, and investment in information technologies, I envisage the Gozitan manufacturing sector to broaden from simple indigenous technology based and home-made produce to sophisticated handicrafts of wide varieties. This sector had a significant role in the Gozitan economy, not only because it provides employment but because it upholds the culture and heritage of Gozo.

This aspect of cottage industries had long remained ignored in the policy and marketing strategy of past governments as well as the private business. I encourage Gozitans working in this sector to upgrade their produce to EU standard in order to provide economic opportunities for the middle-income section of people through employment and income generation schemes.

What we need in Gozo is a one-stop-shop where individuals and entrepreneurs can go and under one roof they can get all things started. The local bureaucracy is killing people and de-motivating young and energetic investors. Or is this bureaucratic procedure to start your own business (MEPA, MTA, MSA, ect. ect.) is institutionally organised in order for you to go and pray to Saint Francis Square?

Will share some other ideas with you soon....then let's call it Job Opportunities for Gozitans (4)

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