Friday, 8 February 2008

My Gozo Campaign Team

My campaign team are meeting again tonight. I can't be there. Had to attend some press conferences at the Green Party Offices in Sliema, and give a hand to the candidates of each electoral district in Malta. This evening the deputy leader Mario Mallia will also be the guest on Xarabank. The subject 'should' be employment and education. Yeah it should be on this subject, but those who follow Xarabank are well aware to expect the unexpectedness from this popular talk show.

Had one of my busiest days. Driving here and there. Traffic jams. Rain. Stopping by to buy pastizzi (my today's dinner). Went for the meeting with the Broadcasting Authority together with other representatives of the political parties. Went again to give the first AD TV Sport which again, 'should' be aired daily on the National TV which I pay for from my tax. Don't you too?

But my heart is with my campaign team in Gozo. I'm sure they are working hard to reach out to voters explaining why the Green Party is the best tool for Gozitans. My campaigners in Gozo realised that AD is the best tool for Gozitans....and their believe is inspiring many others every day. Many are those Gozitans who are going to use it!

Thank you. Future generations will bless you.

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