Sunday, 3 February 2008

Puppets on a string ?

I read on today's Sunday Times a very short report on the discussion of the annual general meeting of the Gozo Business Chamber.

It is reported that the Gozo Channel transport service between Sa Maison and Mġarr harbour came up for discussion during the annual general meeting of the Gozo Business Chamber last Sunday.

Due to various reasons this service has been reduced to three from five times a week, or sometimes just twice a week.

Businessmen attending the meeting expressed concern over this issue which is of utmost importance not only to those businessmen using this service but also to the whole Gozitan economy.

The chamber held various meetings with Gozo Channel and the ministries concerned, but a solution is still far off though meetings are still going on. (Who? Austin? Giovanna?)

Come on! Stop playing the part of the 'victims'. Do work for the interest of Gozo and not to please your '(R)oyalties'.

Did you ever hear the Gozo Business Chamber effectively criticizing the present administration? Ever read this on the local TV stations or printed media?


On the other hand...

Did you ever hear the Gozo Business Chamber proclaiming praises to the present administration after each budget speech during the last years?


Can somebody tell me why?

It is reported that at the end of the meeting, the outgoing president, Michael Caruana owner of Fort Chambray (click photo on the left), thanked all the members for the hard work and sacrifices they made to promote the chamber and the good work it is doing for the Gozitan community.

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